Dr. Paul G. Ranky, BS / MS (Hons) Mech. and Ind. Eng., MS (Eng. Edu.), PhD (Automation Eng., with IT)

 Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering,
  New Jersey Institute of Technology,
  United States.


Paul G. Ranky is a Full Tenured Professor of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Industrial and Management Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT's IT (Information Technology Program), as Professor of IS & IT. NJIT is the Public Research University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, USA. Member, or former member of SAE(USA), IEE(UK), IET (UK), IEEE(USA) Sustainable Green Engineering Series Editor , PMI(USA), SME(USA), ASME(USA), ISPE (USA), International Soc. of Pharmaceutical Engineers, ASQ(USA), member of the International RFID Business Association, the Lean Manufacturing and the Quality Auditing Divisions, educated by ASQ (USA) in lean six-sigma, quality leadership, and others.

He is a Registered and Chartered Professional Engineer, specializing in iSEE:Green, intelligent Sustainable Enterprise Engineering with a Green focus, IIOT, the Industrial Internet of Things, green integrated product and process design, design reviews in aerospace, automotive and underwater device design, quality, sustainable green PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), using digital product, process, manufacturing, and factory design methods and tools, concurrent / simultaneous engineering, in design for manufacturing / assembly / disassembly / quality, in quality system design and auditing, advanced lean and flexible cellular manufacturing systems and industrial engineering, in assembly automation and robotics with advanced sensors, in GMP (Good Manufacturing & Laboratory Practice), in sustainable green manufacturing, in advanced aerospace design for manufacturing and assembly / automation, in humanoid robotics, in hi-tech project management, in customer requirements analysis, in process risk analysis, in total quality management, in designing and operating lean systems, in energy management (ISO 50001 Energy Management US TAG to ISO/PC 242), in medical device design and manufacturing, designing electronic user and maintenance manuals with 3D web content, in RFID system design (Radio Frequency Identification systems), information systems & information technology, and in underwater device test engineering, with related learning content & curriculum development, as well as talent management with nationally and internationally recognized academic, manufacturing, automation, quality and industrial and engineering management experiences.

In more detail, his research, education, and professional consulting includes the following domains:

  • Integrated product and process design, green sustainable PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), object oriented collaborative concurrent/ simultaneous engineering, multi life-cycle assessment and integration of product design and manufacturing/ de-manufacturing processes, product requirement analysis, product innovation, product development from concept to product, process analysis and design, design for manufacturing / assembly / demanufacturing / quality,
  • Lean Six-sigma and agile flexible/ cellular manufacturing and assembly automation system / factory design, simulation, operation control and programming, manufacturing/ machining/ electro-mechanical, automotive assembly process design, CAD/CAM to CNC, tool management, robotics (research and industrial scale), certain aspects of medical robotic design and manufacture,
  • Total quality control and management, ISO9001:2008, 2015, product testing and evaluation, root-cause identification, analysis and quality documentation, risk analysis, customer requirements analysis, process modeling, process improvement, zero defect analysis and design, value chain analysis, gap analysis, continuous quality improvement,
  • Product / process design reviews for hi-tech products,
  • High-def imaging and dynamic analysis of pantographs and other devices on electric locomotives in harsh environments,
  • Information Systems Engineering and Information Technology (IT), including computer programming, computer graphics, interactive multimedia authoring and programming, web-authoring, e-commerce system design, web design using standards, object-oriented user interface design for engineering multimedia, digital imaging and video, 3D VR virtual product marketing over the Internet,
  • Industrial & systems engineering, system modeling (analysis, design and system integration of complex engineering, management and IT systems), business process analysis, design and re-engineering,
  • Technical writing and editing in engineering and IT, publishing (traditional books, videos and technical journals as well as electronic publishing, including interactive CD-ROMs and multimedia on the web, electronic user and maintenance manuals, and others),
  • Research proposal writing, R&D fund raising, R&D consortium building, actual research and implementation, R&D project and team management (including national as well as international, global teams), R&D marketing, marketing hi-tech.,
  • Senior engineering management in industry, professional industrial consulting,
  • Senior academic management, traditional as well as open/distance/ Internet-based academic course and program design, management, delivery and quality review of educational programs in engineering, management and computing sciences at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in the UK, in Europe, USA, Hong Kong/ China, Thailand and Singapore,
  • SCUBA diving / rescue diving with hi-tech engineering analysis and high-def imaging technologies, mountain-bike design, analysis and test,
  • Professional video producer: 1990-2005 SD, 2005 to date Full HD, and as of 2017 to date, 4K video shooting, editing and production skills with over 350 technical, educational, marketing, travelling and SCUBA diving (underwater) video projects completed successfully (please find samples on YouTube, search for 'Paul Ranky'),
  • Most importantly delivering agreed quality results on time and within budget.

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